MetaFuturism Lab

BRinging together MEta-Research Thinking, Futurism and Creativity

A photo of the preparation for the MetaFuturism workshop in Torbay Hospital / Photo taken by Daniel Rose

We co-create stories of alternate futures that embraces the ideas, cultures and traditions of different cultures and disciplines and attempts to integrate the uncertainty of scientific knowledge

MetaFuturism approach and lab was developed, founded and led by Mona Nasser. MetaFuturism Lab involves a range of individuals across the world running workshops to co-create alternate futures and further refine and develop the approach to run these workshops. The lab has a community that includes artists, scientists, designers, astrophysicists, humanitarians, and international development experts. The community is co-lead by Mona Nasser, Yvette Gonzalez and Pamela Cajilig.

The MetaFuturism methodology integrates concepts around scientific methods, uncertainty in the structure of scientific knowledge, societal issues, and environmental challenges. Given that there are well-established patterns in scientific research methods, the intention in MetaFuturism is to have participants rethink these existing paradigms and be creative around the unfamiliar dynamics of future problems. The methodology recognises the importance of uncertainty in scientific knowledge and its need to be considered and practised. Finally, the MFL team works in different workshops with a diverse, inclusive group of stakeholders from different backgrounds and countries to integrate a variety of societal issues in order to support participants to immerse themselves in alternative futuristic scenarios. We run workshops with speculative scenarios focused on future interplanetary missions or complex conditions. The stories evolve from workshop to workshop.

A prototype of a government AI device made by the participants of the Creative Robotics workshop (Nov 2023) at University of Arts London

Children dressed up as planets in the planetary show as part of a MFL workshop in London. The workshop was part of a bigger event called SpaceLab

Poster of our first workshop in Sep 2018 - Called Clinical Trials in Interplanetary Missions (Designed by Nick Peres